It's a privilege that I wake up in the morning excited for work today, and go to bed anticipating the next creative project for tomorrow.


Belinda Love Lee is a petite graphic design and illustration studio, based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in branding, hand lettering and illustrations. 

You get the full design studio experience, but instead of your project being passed through many team members and hands, you get to deal with just one person, me, Belinda Love Lee. Personally, I love getting involved with every stage of the process- from emails, to sketches, to the final finished project. I find that by being involved every step of the way, it not only helps me understand who you are as a company better, but also ultimately helps me, help you, get the best branding possible. I love that one on one interaction where I get to learn about my client's heart desires. Being able to help others get closer to achieving their dream is what makes me live.

When I'm not doing my hobby (which I'm blessed to say is work) you'll find me spending time with loved ones, travelling (23 and counting!), or blogging about my life over on Instagram. Oh and I also teach a calligraphy class on Skillshare, come learn with me!


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