Some of the nicest things previous clients have said. 


" The cards made it and I teared up I love them so. She is magic. "

— Heather Purdy, Photographer, 



" I feel confident moving forward with my brand now that she's helped me create a strong image. It's everything I wanted when I contacted her: in style but not too trendy, classic, and a bit bohemian. I can't wait to hand these cards out! "

— Sara Barr, Stylist, USA


" I never would have been able to create something as beautiful without her help! The business cards arrived on Friday and I love them so much I don't want to give them away! She is so talented and got everything I tried to describe in my very waffly and roundabout way. I can't wait to find an excuse to work with her again! "

— Susie Coakley, Creative, UK

Belinda has created a design process that is clear, fun and totally stress free and I really enjoyed being a part of it. She totally understood what I wanted and created a beautiful design that fit my style. A year on and I still adore my logo, my business cards are regularly complimented and I have been recommending her to people ever since!. ”

— Adja Mehmet, Food Stylist, Ireland