My goal is for your brand to not just be a mere logo, but to be an experience; to evoke emotion, reflect your values, and help achieve your aspirations. For your customers to have a heartfelt response and truly resonate with your brand, it's all about telling your story. No two people are alike which is why your brand won't be a cookie-cutter design or carbon copy, but an individual, unique brand in itself. 
Every month I only take on a handful of clients, so that I can give each project my utmost care and attention.  Working in this way allows me to really get to know my clients personally and on a deeper level. Together we’ll build a relationship that translates into a branding and identity that matches your vision.
I work with clients across continents - as they say, 'distance makes the heart grow fonder.  The worldwide web allows for me to work remotely and probably get your designs across in your inbox ready with your coffee in the morning!

Please read 'the process' to get a better idea of how the design process will unfold before filling in the contact form below.

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Please note that I do not offer any templates and cannot reproduce any previous designs, whether for branding or wedding invites. Every project that I work on are custom designed.