100 Verses One Heart


I’m so very privileged to be a part of this project, 100 verses one heart, that just launched this week! 

It is a collective of 100 designers across the globe coming together to design their favorite verses packed into a postcard book. Each designer had the opportunity to illustrate a verse by bringing it to life visually. I’m so very excited to see the other 99 designs. From the sneak peeks I’ve seen from the other designers, it’s the type of postcard where you’ll want to hold onto for yourself rather than give away! To see a video and to read more about the project, read here.

We’re currently fundraising with our Kickstarter campaign: 100 verses one heart. This postcard book would make a lovely gift for yourself or someone else! To get a copy, simply email me and I sort it out for you, or become one of our backers and follow through here!

Draft of box set

So very excited to see the book come alive! Thanks to Yuhui aka spoiltbytes on instagram for heading this all up. To read up on how the project came about check out her blog post on spoiltbytes.com

Follow 100 verses one heart on facebook to get a sneak peek of more of the artworks. 

Thanks for all the love and support guys!

x. Bee