On instagram there’s this awesome tag happening called #20factsabout me. I’d thought I’d share my 20 facts with you guys too, just so you can get to know me better. It always fascinates me to know what the person is like behind the work.

1. I was born in Ontario, grew up in Hong Kong and now live in Cardiff.

2. Because of that my belongings are spread out across the world in 3 different countries. 

3. I’m 25 years old but am often mistaken for being 16 because of my young Asian looks ;)

4. I didn’t realize that I was super creative until I was in grade 11.

5. I studied Fashion Communications at Ryerson Uni in Toronto.

6. I’m kind of clumsy. I’m often the one that trips and falls or dribbles food down me.

7. My ultimate dream is to travel to world while doing something creative, influencing and inspiring those around me.

8. Before this year, I hated wearing dresses. I had some weird fear of being too girly.

9. My favorite fruit is raspberries. I remember going raspberry picking when I was 6, it was blissful.

10. My boyfriend told me to include him in this. He said to write down ‘I have a slamming hot boyfriend!’

11. If I were to describe myself in 3 words I would say I’m bubbly, crafty and petite.

12. I’m only 5’3”.

13. I was MVP for basketball in my last year of high school, surprising? I know!

14. I have a tattoo that I got when I was 15. I told my mom it was Henna and she believed me for 4 years.

15. I’ve been on an episode of a reality tv show, which is airing in the UK in this October!

16. TV related, I secretly wish I was a YouTube celeb, but what I’d record about I have no clue.

17. Thirfting and finding treasures at flea markets are my favorite pass time.

18. I’ve travelled to 21 countries. My favorite cities are Toronto and Thailand.

19. I’m an ENFP.

20. If I love a song I’ll listen to it for weeks on replay or until I get sick of it.

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