All that Hype!

I thought I’d share my thoughts. I’m all about honestly, so here it is.

Over the past week, my work has blown up online! I don’t even know how to put words to how overwhelming it is to see all the likes/reblogs/posts. I even got featured by tumblr’s design tag! This my first kind of an encounter with being some what ‘viral’. Thank you so much for every compliments and share, I really do appreciate it. I feel like it’s so unreal, and at the beginning I felt so undeserving. It’s really a designer’s dream come dream! I feel so incredibly blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I made a conscious decision this year to really work on my social networking skills. To be honest, it such a key tool in my trade but for so long I was afraid to put myself out there. Literally fear held me back. I was so scared of failure, what ever “failure” means. The failure of going unnoticed, of promoting myself, of feeling less creative than others. Fear has held me back so many times in life, and this time I actually feel like I conquered it. Not because I got noticed, but because I took the step of risking myself, and putting myself out there, even if it means I fail. 

Let me know if you can related to me. It’d be nice to hear your thoughts!

Here is some of the blogs where my work has appeared, if you don’t know these blogs already you should really check them out!

It all started with typethatilike thanks for noticing me. :)



Diana Moss on Pintrest (Check out her blog, gorgeous)




x. Bee