Blogging Plans for 2015

I’m a huge planner and when I plan I like letting everyone know! Such a nerd. So I thought I’d share my plan for this space- I’m hoping to invest a little more time blogging here, because I do love and enjoy sending my thoughts into outer space. 

My heart is just to keep an ‘almost’ daily dialogue going on- to inspiring, motivate and encourage you guys to dig even deeper into the well designed life!

What I have lined up for the weeks to come (fingers crossed, that I’ll try my best to stick to it)

Mondays / Little Letters
I aim to do 1 piece of hand lettering to be feature every Monday. This could be quotes, encouragements, verses that happen to speak to me at the moment. Please do send in any quote you’d like illustrated (use the ask button on the side) as I might just do it!

Tuesdays / Objects of Desire
A little mood board, collage thing of the products I’ve been longing after. Just because mood boards are fun to make!

Alternating Wednesdays / Design Advice
I’m going to call this column ‘Honest Tid Bits’. So I’ve been toying with the idea of interviewing creatives within the industry for a while now, and I’m so glad to say I’ve finally organized it and am ready to get this column going. I have far too many creative friends that I’ve gotten to know over the internet, all of them which inspire me on a daily basis and I thought, “why not pick their brains to get their most honest opinions and experiences, then share it with others.” It’s partially for my own good too, because there’s just always more to learn. This is probably the most exciting addition to the blog, so keep an eye out for them! Also along side these interviews, every now and then, when I feel inspired to, I’ll probably write up a couple of ‘Honest Tid Bits’ myself; about any questions you guys send me or thoughts about the industry.

Some Thursdays / Project Launches
I’ve gotten into a habit of launching finished projects on Thursday, don’t ask me why- that day just works for me! 

Fridays / Currently Coveting
A continuation of the already feature column of trends that I’m currently coveting.

Then in between these posts, I’ll probably post what I feel is necessary from time to time like music recommendations, etc. Let me know if there’s any thing in particular you’d like me to blog/ write about. In the mean time follow me on instagram @belindalovelee to get a visual into my daily life!

Here’s to more daily dialoguing and blogging! 

x, Bee