'Creative, Inc.' by Ilasco & Cho Book Review


I recently finished reading Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business writing by Meg Mateo Ilasco 
entrepreneur and author of 7 books!), and Joy Deangdeelert Cho (blogger of Oh Joy!) I thought I’d write up a review on it to give you guys a quick overview!

The book is super easy to read, I myself am not the quickest reader, but because of it’s practicality, design layout and chapter breaks, it makes it a breeze to read through. 

Going through key essentials for anyone who is thinking of freelancing or has just recently started, it’s basically a guidance of how to turn your creative skill into a full-fledged freelance career. It covers a wide range of topics starting from how to start freelancing to gaining and working with clients to expanding your business, and everything in between. Details within the packed full chapters include the likes of the nitty gritty taxes, estimates, and agencies. They really make an effort to simplify how to run a business and enjoy it at the same time, somehow finding the perfect balance of bringing the business, often mundane side to the creative, passionate side of freelancing. 

What I love is that they keep in mind all freelance types and included real life interviews in between each chapter with already successful illustrators, photographers, designers of all sort. They ask these freelancer the very questions I would’ve personally asked if I were to run into them. Questions like ‘How did you come up with your name?’ ‘How did you start freelancing?’ ‘Are big name clients overly controlling?’ They even interview the other side- agencies and clients working with freelancers themselves. 

I’ve put so many tabs and highlighted a ton of sentences. It’s just full of tips on how to excel yourself as a freelancer. It’s definitely a book that I know I’ll be reading over and referring to when I have questions.

Key quotes from Creative, Inc.: 

"For passionate freelancers, money isn’t the only goal. It’s the happiness derived from a sense of purpose and the excitement that comes with the challenges." 

"Every job (no matter how small) is a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

"A successful freelancers is passionate about his art and seeks inspiration to fuel it- even in his off-duty hours- simply for the sake of generating work that he loves."

"Freelancers should avoid doing what they think will get them a job. They should stick to their style. When they meet with a rep, they should be clear about who they are, where they are and what their brand is."

Writing this review has gotten me thinking I should read it over again. That’s how good it is!

x. Bee