Drooling Over Plooms Pens


I just got back from my trip to Hong Kong and came home to this lovely package from PLOOMS. Anything wrapped up in beautiful paper always makes me excited! 

I opened it to find a bright orange fountain pen inside! Sally Page, founder of PLOOMS was so sweet to send me one of her fountain pens. I personally (surprisingly!) have never owned a proper fountain pen before, so this is a first for me and what a privilege it is to now be an owner of one. 



Writing with it make it feel like a fancy occasion of some sort! The pen is weighty- in a beautiful way- reminding you of it’s presence with every letter. The size and width of the pen fits perfectly into my tiny hands, making me want to embrace the old art of handwritten letters even more. In my opinion hand written words will always be better and more personal than digital. 

A little bit about how PLOOMS came to be, Sally was on the look out for a quality fountain pen, but when she couldn’t find one that would fit her, she just decided to create her own. (Talk about a go-getter business women right there!) The pens are available in 5 colors, each inspired by a specific women in her life. They are all made of brass, chrome and lacquer and the pen comes with two ink cartridges. 

If you’ve been on the look out for a quality pen, get your own PLOOMS here!

It’s one of the most beautiful pens I’ve written with. Thanks again Sally for sending it over, I cannot express my excitement to write with it!

Don’t text it- PLOOM it!


The bright orange compliments my obsession for grlue, oh so well!

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