Free Printable To Do List for 2015!


My mistake for not writing since last year- hah sounds more dramatic then it really is! Happy 2015 everyone!

I’ve been so busy catch up on emails, conceptualizing my thoughts, but more excitingly I’ve been working on a revamped site so my attention has been diverted. That’s not to say I don’t miss blogging and you guys!

A new year always brings up questions within ourselves. We somehow become more reflective and reminiscent on the past year and how we can do it better in the year to come. I actually like this contemplative state we all fall into, since I’m usually more of a talker and less of a thinker. 

One of the advices that really hit home for me was from Geneve of A Pair and A Spare. She encouraged that before planning ahead for the next year to look back and write down each a every success accomplished in 2014- whether big or small. “Don’t let your accomplishments be forgotten in your haste to move forward.” I personally know that I’m my own worst critique and am so quick to judge myself for not having ‘done enough’- but reading that just completely snapped me out of that silly mindset and made me all the more thankful! I encourage you to do the same, learn to congratulate yourself!

With goal setting in mind, what better than a free printable to do list that A Pair and A Spare and I created with you in mind to dream even bigger this year! Download it on her blog, here


Hope you enjoy the download and be sure to tag us on instagram @belindalovelee and @apairandaspare if you do put it up, we’d love to see it in your homes.

Before ending this post, I just wanted to say thank you all for being a part of my journey this year, I’ve grown in ways unimaginable all thanks to your inspiration & encouragement!

Wishing you all a bigger and better year to come!