Honest Tid-Bits: Kitty N. Wong's Creative Advice

Kitty N. Wong is someone I am so blessed to call a friend. She also just happens to be a fantastic illustrator, and is among one of the most creative people I know. I confide with her frequently about all my creative struggles etc. and she has been such an encouragement and crucial part of my creative journey.  We met in our university days, studying fashion together!

I thought I’d share three of the many tips I picked up from her recently blog post “How to Maker Better Art: 10 Ways to Develop a Creative Routine + Get Better" that helped me get a little more creative.


In the words of Kitty N. Wong:

It’s OK to make ugly stuff 

Experiment in your sketchbook or scrap pieces of paper for even less pressure. It keeps your work fresh and you can find and explore new directions. Continually experiment. 

Keep a schedule

Separate your time, don’t let it all blend together and all drag out. As a freelancer I struggle with this one and it’s my worst habit. Even 20 minutes of sketchbooking before going to bed helps me get new ideas.

Block out time for: experimenting / emails  / promo / networking / inspiration gathering

(I, Belinda here, so need to do this!)

Try using larger sheets of paper/other materials

My natural impulse is to work small. I’m still secretly scared of messing up giant sheets up pristine expensive watercolour paper. But as you get better try going bigger, it’ll free up the way you work.

(And this too! I’m always so scared of wasting that expensive paper.)


Handlettering by Kitty N. Wong

To read the full post and get even more inspired visit her blog. A while back I got to work with her in collaboration on her website, hence why you might recognise her presence on here! Also don’t forget to check out her oh so amazing illustrations on kittynwong.com and keep up with her on instagram @kittynwong