Honest Tid Bits With Bianca Cash

This week on the design advice column we have the lovely Bianca Cash! It’s pretty much impossible to have not seen her work online before because it’s everywhereee online. Her iconic hand lettering style stands out among the rest, maybe because it’s part to do with the heart felt topics she often chooses to work with. I feel like Bianca is someone who really has her style down, so in this Q and A, I ask her how one hones in that very thing. 


First off, tell us a little about you and what you do!

I’m a freelance graphic designer, typographer and photographer. Work can really vary though as of late I have been commissioned to do a lot of handwritten typography.


How long have you been designing for and how did you get started? 

I’ve been freelancing full time for the past year but have been freelancing on and off probably since high school, ten years ago. I finished high school ten years ago… Say what. I’ve been interested in handwritten type since I was in primary school, where I would use to write in lots of different styles. When I started high school and we all had laptops, I was always the kid with the typefaces all the other kids wanted. Though looking back at them now… ew to my choices. I started ink typography by mistake while in my first year at Swinburne, three years ago. I just kept writing and messing around and that’s how that started. 


Would you say that you’ve honed in on your own style yet? Or do you think that’s always in process?

Ah what a question. Yes and no… I want to keep evolving as a designer. But I like it when people say to me that they see my work as minimal and simplistic. I love it when people say you like white space. And I’m like yeeah I like dat white space. 

Any advice to the people trying to find their ‘style’?

Keep going. Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing. Look for inspiration, for sure. But don’t focus on it. Inspiration comes in different shapes and forms. I get inspiration from things like a beetroot, lyrics and the incredible people in my life.


What’s your biggest fear and your biggest ‘mistake’ in terms of your business? If you don’t mind sharing! And what is your biggest success?

One of the things I really struggle with is liking my own work. The next is if other people like my work. I fear my work isn’t good enough. 

I think my biggest ‘mistake’ is not pushing myself enough and believing in myself. I also am really critical of my work and over think it. I’m trying to push through this at the moment. And my biggest success… I really don’t know to be honest. I’m still looking forward to my biggest success.


Any other last words/ advice/ reads to help? 

Be you. Stay true to yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. Out of all my work, the ones that have brought me the most success are the works that came from my heart. It sounds really sappy and like corn and cheese. But it’s the honest truth. People want to see originality. And while there are a million creatives out there trying to be seen and heard for starting something new, I really believe that there is enough room for everyone. I strongly believe we as humans were created to create. It’s in everyone and it does look different. I would highly recommend studying as well. If you love something so much and you have the option to study, why wouldn’t you? It was a bloody scary decision for me but I am so thankful I just did it. 

The first time I came across her work was with the piece below, and have ever since been inspired by her lovely pieces.


Thanks Bianca for your absolute honesty as that’s what you do best!

I totally resonate with some of her fears above and love how through her work and words she is always so vulnerable and real. Such an humbled, talented human being she is!

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