I'm on tv tonight!


SO, the most random opportunity came up earlier this year and I got casted and am going to be on TV TONIGHT! UK based peeps turn on your ‘telly’, as the Brits call it, to the TLC channel tonight at 8pm to catch me on episode 4 of ‘Shopaholic Showdown’. It’s all about your individual dress sense in competition with other ladies of completely different sort!

Check out this clip to see me in a snippet of the show tonight on Shopaholic Showdown: Clash of Styles (Teehee it’s always weird seeing yourself on screen, I’m so excited yet nervous at the same time) Also here’s a couple of photos of us on set to keep your curiosity going.

I mean it really defines our generation this reality TV thing and to say I’ve been on one it quite the experience! It’s my 15 seconds of fame I’d say!

International friends and family sadly I haven’t managed to find a link of the show online- when I do though I’ll let you know!

Oh so exciting! Hype!

See you tonight, Oct 24, 2013, 8PM on TLC (Channel 125 on Sky)

x. Bee