Interview on Brush Lettering Tutorial


Head on over to Brush Lettering Tutorial, as I spill all my secrets of not really practicing at my art. The truth is, I’m horrible at sitting down and writing the same letter of the alphabet over and over again. But some how I’ve still managed to still embrace the art of brush lettering. So you guys out there aspiring to get good at it, take it from me and just jump into it! Read the interview over here.

Brush Lettering Tutorial is a place where you can find a handful of tips and tricks to get better at your art. Creator of the blog, Emma Holmes is also a letter enthusiast herself, and it is over lettering that we met on Instagram and since then have become friends over a cup of coffee! She has the most caring and helpful heart, always willing to impart and share her knowledge in the lettering industry. Hence the reason she started the blog, to help beginners get into lettering! She also happens to have a hidden talent of being a stellar DJ on the side- also known as DJ Short-E.

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