Interview on TwentyBliss


I absolutely love the heart and mind behind TwentyBliss, it’s a creative platform with the sole intention to empower anyone that might be in doubt, especially young creatives. Based in Hong Kong, and now branched out to LA, behind the whole idea is Sarah Kohler, whom I first meet when she commented on my instagram about being thankful for delicious dumplings, lol.

So when she invited me to do an interview with TwentyBliss, I jumped at it! Because likewise are my core values, and the reason behind all that I do to inspire and empower others.  

In the interview, I was asked some very thought provoking questions- I talk about my love/hate experiences of growing up in Hong Kong, the power of self promotion on the internet, and how to put yourself out there by overcoming fear. Read the interview here!

Ps. The little selfie is for TwentyBliss’ #showuswhoyouare 

I’m 26, love what I do, currently a little stress atm, too much work load. But I feel amazing!

Show us who you are by tagging #showuswhoyouare, state your age, followed by 3/4 statements about yourself, but the most important part is ending it with ‘I feel amazing’!

Thanks again for the feature Sarah and TwentyBliss and now I’m off to get myself some dumplings for lunch!

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