I've turned 1 year and 1 month old!


Belinda Love Lee is 1 years old and 1 month! (as a company that is) Last year month of April was when it all began- the wonderful journey of freelance. I’ve been meaning to write this blog post up for 2 months, but it’s so hard to gather all that you’ve learnt in as few words possible.

I call it a journey because it really is- work isn’t from 9-5, you can set up to work anywhere in the world, some days you feel like the shittest designer, other days you feel like you have the best idea EVER. AND steady income isn’t a part of your vocabulary at all. For me though, I would way rather live this life of doing something I’m so passionate about, than settle for some mediocre job, doing some mindless task, with the promising security and pay of 9-5.

Here are bits of advice that I’ve learnt along the way. Thought it might help those of you out there that are in the same boat, or are thinking of taking that jump into freelance.

1. Do what you fear most

Honestly at the beginning of my 1 year, I was in totally denial of social media, I hated it because it was so ‘mainstream’. It wasn’t until this year Jan, that I decided to stop being that ‘anti-mainstream’rebel snob, and started make an effort to engage with the community online. In actual fact, it was my fear of failure that was holding me back masked as a hate for social media. I was just so scared of putting my work online because I thought it wasn’t ever good enough. Yeh, you might be talented, but if don’t show the world no one will know. It’s that simple. Do what you fear most, because that’s what your made to be doing.

2. Shamelessly self promote

After taken the first intentional step of putting my work out there, I was then finding it hard to have a healthy balance of self promotion. I felt so rude and braggy constantly telling people to click on my links. It’s such an odd but crucial part of freelancing. I’ve learnt from other creatives to view self promotion more as an invite than a braggy task. You’re simply just inviting people to see what your up to, and they have the choice to engage with it or not. You start to realize that you don’t have to be super pushy, taking the annoying sting out of it. AND also why be ashamed of your talents, you have it for a reason, share it with the world.

3. Stay sane by surround yourself with likeminded creatives

Another big one that’s kept me afloat is by surrounding myself with creatives that always encourage me, no matter how shit I feel of myself that day. Honestly some days, I feel so un-motivated, so not creative, so ugly, so boring, just every negative thought. I sometimes feel so bi-polar! It’s when I’m drowning in negative self pity that I find sending a quick message to my creative friends help uplift me so much! Thank you so much to those who have walked this journey with me, Joe Stratford, Kitty N. Wong, Lois Seco, & Melody Hansen.

There’s so much more I could share, but I’ll keep it to these 3 points for now.

Thank you so much to all of you who have followed, rebloged, liked, and have featured my work! I honestly really appreciate it, and wouldn’t be living my dreams today if it weren’t for your support.

Ps. below is a compilation of all the logos I’ve worked on for the past year!