Last Min. Christmas DIY: A Branch for a Tree

So before christmas came around one evening my husband and I were having a conversation, and I don’t really know how the topic came up but, he asked me “Do you think we should decorate for christmas?” Keep in mind, this is our first christmas together as a married couple, and for some reason it’s a big deal! For those of you that don’t know him, he thinks exactly like me, the ‘less is more’ concept is a strong and hard rule in both our lives. I just looked back and him and said “Ummm… nahhhh, it’s so tacky and gross!” Then we just both bursted out in laughter because we were thinking the exact same thing. (I married well!) When we told my mother in law about our plans for a lack of decoration, she just shook her head in shame, because xmas decorating is one of her favourite things about the season. 

Well December’s finally rolled around, and we’ve decided to give into the holiday cheer and picked up a couple of things. Here is our display of decorations (or there lack of). And really this DIY is made of two steps, it really doesn’t need to be explained, it takes literally 2 seconds.

Step 1: Get a branch

Prep your branch so that it’s nice and clean, rip off the excess bark and leaves

Step 2: Hang your ornaments on it!

How pretty and minimal are these geometric decorations from Ikea, like seriously they made these with people like us in mind. It’s perfect. Also the little solider were also from Ikea

I included a couple other cozy shots of our living room.

Currently reading Provencial Magazine.

There you have it a very merry, minimal as, christmas!

Hope your decorations are looking well!

x. Bee