Snippets of 2013

Man, doing these little summaries at the end of every month just makes me realize how fast time passes by. Now here we are, 1 day away from 2014.

This year has definitely been an eventful one on my end. I’ve grown and learnt a lot individually and as a business. I’ve conquered fears. I’ve achieved great dreams. I’ve gotten engaged. I would say this year has most definitely been pivotal.

Here’s a summary of my favorite photos from each month taking from my instagram. 

January’s dog walks

February’s Oslo visits

March’s wedding doodles

April’s watermelon dreaming

May’s blue skies

June’s perfect imperfection

July’s color brainstorms

August’s Toronto visits

September’s treasures

October’s walk that changed my life

November’s blue bay

December’s color obsession

That pretty much sums it up! If you don’t already follow me on instagram @belindaloveleeto see the year of 2014 to come. Thank you all for your endless love and support, and for doing this adventure with. ;)

Wish you a very merry new year! Be excited for the things to come.

x. bee