Snippets of 2014: Time for a Little Closure!

Yet another year has come and gone! The best thing about documenting pretty much everyday of my life on Instagram, is that I get to review the year with a quick glance. I, for one, will definitely be taking shitloads of photos/selfies/etc of my puppies and babies to document the whole process of them growing up. My kids will probably get so annoyed with me as I yell, “Just pose one more time again!” lol.

So officially I’ve been present on the internet for two solid years, prior to that I was kind of intimated by putting my work, thus self, out there- for anyone and everyone to have an opinion about. But now, my business is completely dependent on it, if the internet were to crash, I would literally be out of a job. Why am rambling? Well, that’s all to say how much I have love documenting my life and journey here. And really I just want to THANK YOU all for taking this journey with me, for inspiring and encouraging me every step of the way. Thank you. 

Belinda Love Lee’s 2014 life in Instagram snap shots:

January’s typewrite findimage

February’s trip to Hong Kongimage

March’s color coordinationimage

April’s preparation lead up to the wedding image

May’s ‘I got married’ wedding!image

June’s Bahama mama honeymoon

July’s perfectly sunny day  image

August’s yet another perfectly sunny dayimage

September’s pattern mixing

October’s trip to Hong Kong again 

November’s work morningsimage

December’s coffee breaks

I’d say that all in all, 2014 was a pretty exciting year; I got married to the man whom I love, I travelled a bit, and surrounded myself with beautiful things. 

I can’t emphasize enough how much I love documenting my life through my iphone- a huge thank you to instagram for creating such a marvellous app, and to Steve Jobs of course.

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x. Bee