Snippets of August 2014

August has surprisingly been a month of great weather over here in the UK. We’ve had literally a whole month of sunshine, a real summer! I couldn’t have been more in my element- well with the exception of being in the Bahamas. This month I have been inspired by nature itself. Nature and it’s Creator does do a good job at keeping me entertained!

1. Hydrangea overgrown!

2. We went for a walk through fields of wheat. It was so beautiful to see crops growing in their season.

3. Shades of green.

4. My amazing husband, Kerf Collection, made this live edge table for our home! Handmade straight from a piece of oak. Ohmyg, I couldn’t have married better!

5. Rose beds in full bloom.

6. Stealing my neighbour’s lavender, because they just smell so sweet!

7. This window is possibly the prettiest window I’ve ever come across.

8. Little cute pickings. 

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x. Bee