Snippets of Feb 2015

February is always a great month for me because it’s my birthday month and despite turning older by the year, my face remains the same- thanks to my Asian genes. Also v-day and b-day in one month is pretty good going!

1. Got myself another #grlue ruler from HAY. I think I’m going to start a ruler collection, so that I can display it and have a wall of rulers in my studio. How cool would that be!

2. Some pretty flowers, from where I stood.

3. My husband and I finally got around to putting up wedding sentiments in our living room wall, making it that much more beautiful and homely.

4. On the 24th I turned 27! YAY!

5. The perfect means of birthday entertainment. 

6. Studio situation. 

7. Ge-o-me-trics. 

8. One of the best corner in London. 

I kind of got lazy with the image descriptions towards the end of the post, lol. But, you catch my drift!

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Hope ya’ll had a lovely Feb.

x, Bee