Snippets of February 2014

Confession: I always have a hard time spelling Feb-r-u-a-r-y, even though it’s my own birthday month (ha), so let’s just call it by it’s short term, Feb, just to avoid any embarrassing typos.

This month I did a little traveling, a whole lot of wedding planning, and turned just one more year older. 

1. Sent out my lovely wedding invites. I finally finished designing them for myself! Probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever designed- working for yourself is just the hardest thing I find. So excited to share it with you all, soon!  

2. While I was in Hong Kong, I went to Ocean Park, the most amazing amusement park with the perfect balance of both rides and animals. The highlight for me was seeing the otters being fed, they’re just the cutest thing ever.

3. Flew across the sea back home to Cardiff, but while my trip in Hong Kong lasted, it was wonderful. To see what I got up to on my trip, read here.

4. Back to work it is, it definitely makes it easier with some quality tea on a pretty wooden table.

5. Bought myself some new friends to keep me company.

6. Down time, home to self.

7. I celebrated my birthday! One year closer to being less of a 20 year old and more of 30 year old. 

8. Pretty supplies arrive.

Hope you had a lovely Feb filled with lots of goodness too.

(ps. I get married in 2.5 months, excitment! Where has time gone already?)

x. Bee