Snippets of January 2014

For the month of January I took a personal trip to Hong Kong, so in this summary you’ll see a glimpse of a completely different type of environment. Hong Kong in comparison to Cardiff is just two opposite worlds. Actually when I first arrived in Hong Kong I felt so very uninspired because the scenery around me was just a concrete jungle (even though I grew up there, you’d think I’d be use to all the sky scrappers). Coming back to it from such a scenic place like Wales, it just kind of caught me off guard and took me about a week to get use to. I guess you could call this a Cardiff vs. HK kind of blog post. I’ve learned to appreciate each city for it’s beauty as both are inspirational in it’s very own way.


Hong Kong

I love travelling to experience these very differences! Hope you guys had just as exciting of a month.

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x. bee