Snippets of July

This has been my very first summer in Wales, and I’ve been told that I am so blessed to have a real summer, constant sunshine with no rain! Until you’ve experienced living in the overly gloomy rain clouds of UK you can’t truly appreciate sunshine for what it really is. This month has been sunshine for days. Literally days!

These are just some snippets taken from my instagram feed. I see my IG as my daily blog, so if you’d like to keep a closer eye on my whereabouts come on over and follow me @belindalovelee.

1. Finding inspiration in all the right places, away from the screen and into nature we go. Design cannot get any more original!

2. Wandering vines. 

3. Late night brush practices. 

4. This month I hit the big number of 1000 follower on Instagram! I am so grateful for everyone’s support! Yet another dream come true. 

5. I’ve been working on these lovely wedding invites that feature the colors purple and gray. These wild flowers posed to be the perfect inspiration. 

6. I don’t know what it is, but every once a week or so, all these seagulls go crazy right above my house, literally hundreds of them flying around in circles. Apparently it’s something to do with the dump being filled, I guess that’s their food for fuel. 

7. Inked up my boyfriend’s present. He is one lucky thang I tell you. ;)

Well that’s really it! I hope you guys had a lovely month too.

Oh also, in Aug we’ll be flying to Toronto for my younger brother’s wedding. Be expecting tones of wedding pictures. They’re both designers so I guess you could say it’ll be the perfect hipster wedding. Also also, I designed all their lovely papered goods, so photo shoot coming soon!

x. Bee