Snippets of June 2014

Holy batman, we’re already into our second week of July.

As weird as it may sound I love doing these little snippets because it makes me reflect and appreciate the month that just passed. It also makes me realize how quickly life goes by and how we really take it for granted. At least I do.

For the month of June I did not appreciate enough my honeymoon in the Bahamas! It was until I got back to the UK, I realized what a beauty and a peaceful place it is. Take me back please! 

1. Just look at the crystal clear blue (grlue) sea.

2. Perfect timing for a quick shot.

3. Gradients of land and sea.

4. Aquarium hunting with my new husband!

5. Then back to the urban city.

Getting inspired by my surroundings, despite how different it looks. Unfinished cement wall= abstract painting?

6. Front porch beauty.

7. Front window beauty.

8. A portrait (ish) of me and a gift from instagram. The community that I spend far too much of my time on!

How was your June? Probably not as good as mine, unless you were also in the Caribbean’s, or you happen to live there (jealous!).

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x. bee