Snippets of May

Every month whenever I do my summaries of the month, I’m always in shock that the month has gone so quickly.

This month I did a bit a travelling, (London post below), won gold for atomic awards on this campaign I worked on for Molson M (again post below) and a whole load of enjoying the beginning of summer! And work, of course. Just maybe. ;) 

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1. Necessary tools for the trade!

2. A sneak at my current inspiration board.

3. For the longest time I was such a perfectionist that I wouldn’t even dare draw in my sketch book somehow I was afraid of making ugly mistakes and ruining the blank pages. I’ve finally conquered that stupid mindset and thought this name was appropriate for my visual journal. All the ideas!

4. Ain’t nothing like a old school sharpened pencil.

5. A day out on Monknash Beach. When it’s sunny days in the UK, you just got to take full advantage of it!

6. What appears to look like a baby seal has fallen deep asleep on my bed. 

7. Here’s some hand type I’ve been working on for a client.