Snippets of Nov 2014

11/12 months, and it’s frigging December already! I swear there must be an elf working behind the scenes on the clock, making it go faster, because each year seems to only get shorter. I do not remember life going this fast as a child. 

The month of November was a pretty slow one, work wise. I find that for the months of Nov and Dec people tend to save up for christmas presents making them less willing to invest in designs. But the great thing about slower times in the freelance life is that you get to think and work on your own things, which you normal never have the time to get around to like…

1. Snail mail. I still love paper trails, so much prettier and more personal then their counterpart, sms/text.

2. Putting an envelope to action.

3. Enjoying a cuppa on a nice cold day.

4. Visiting Windsor and London, for quick weekend.

5. Take half selfies, and lots of them. Lols. I really lack in the selfie department, I feel like I always look crazy. I need someone to teach me how to take them- Selfie 101 class pls.

6. Smelling beautiful flowers.

7. Finally putting up the shelves to my office.

8. And pulling out my winter knits!

Lately, I feel like I’m been taught how to live presently. We’re often caught thinking about tomorrow or yesterday, but rarely do we enjoy today for what it is. What I love about capturing glimpse of my life on instagram is that when reminiscing ever month, it makes me ‘live’ more in the present tense, treasuring the small moments of the day.

Anyways, enough of the ramblings from me! Find me on instagram @belindalovelee

Hope you’re getting Christmas ready!

x. Bee