Suggested Instagram User Feature!

I’m so very very very excited to say that instagram has been so amazing as to feature me as one of the “suggested users” it’s such an honour and privilege. What happens when you become a suggested user is that you’re featured on their favourite list of people to follow for about 2 weeks, so when people sign up or look for user to follow, I get suggested, alongside a bunch of other talented people! This list updated with new talents every 2 weeks or so. It’s so ever coveted to be a part of this list, so I am incredibly grateful!

Here’s just a couple of projects I’ve been playing around with over on Instagram. 


Where shadows dance on blank canvases of papers. I find that the shadows become the artwork itself. As minimal as art can get.


My favourite colour in the whole wide world is green-blue, I’ve coined the term and called it ‘grlue’. Just because seafoam/mint/whatever other people call it just doesn’t do it justice!

I’ve been addicted to Instagram ever since I started using it about a year ago, it’s my favourite form of social media because it’s so visual and interactive. It’s literally changed the way I see the world make me focus on capturing the tiny details of life that we often miss. It’s made me more creative, because I’m constantly surrounded with the most inspiring works from people I look up to all around the world. And the amount of friends I’ve made on it is immeasurable. 

Thank you again instagram for the feature! 

Make sure to drop by and say hello over on Instagram @belindalovelee

x. Bee