Branding Questionnaire


Below is a set of questions that will help me get a better idea about you and your company. I know it's a bit of a lengthy process but every answers works towards helping me gain a better understanding of what you have in mind for the design and respectively the estimated quote. I look forward to getting to know you more and reading your answers!

Name *
Set 1:
Eg. Age, lifestyle, demographics, spending habits etc. The more specific the better.
Eg. minimal, edgy, friendly, corporate, etc.
Set 2:
What exactly needs to be designed? *
A rough ballpark in USD would be great!
Please add links / pinboard links below or if you would like to send over images, please email me in a seperate email at
Eg. Casual, effortless, organic, elegant, uniformed, clean, minimal, etc.
Eg. Script, bold, light, hand drawn etc.
2-3 colors max please.
Website, packaging, clothing, merchandise, store signage, products etc? Depending on where the logo will be used, this will effect the licensing rights, so please try to be as specific as possible.