how we roll

Building your branding from the ground up is a step by step process. Through this creative process and good communication, we'll work as a team together, you and me, to get you the branding of your dreams! Please take note that designs that I have previously worked on are for those clients alone, and cannot be reproduced. This is not an Etsy template shop, but instead a design studio.


Upon receiving your email, I will respond with a Q&A to get a better idea of your company and to see if we're a good fit. I will definitely get back to you within 1-3 business days. After I've got a better idea from your answers, I will then respond with an estimated project fee along with a general timeline as to when you can be booked in next.

Depending on how busy my schedule is, please expect 2 weeks to a month wait until I can get hands on your project. However, if your deadline is due before then, I am more than happy to see if I can make it work and squeeze you in.


Once we've both decided that we make a good team, I will send over the contract and deposit details. Included within the contract will be a timeline with due dates and bench marks to work towards. A 50% deposit of the project fee is required before I can start. Upon agreement, please send over the signed contract and the deposit payment. Your project is now scheduled next in line.

In the meantime, I will ask you to gather inspiration images to give me a better idea of the branding you've envisioned. This will give me a better understanding and visual cue of what to work towards.  


The first step to the branding is the logo creation. The logo design takes place in 3 rounds of revisions. I will send over a draft with several concepts then have you send back your feedback- likes, dislikes, what to improve on etc. We will do this 2 more times over. Once we're happy with the chosen design, I will work on finessing the logo of choice.

In the case of custom wedding designs, I will send you 3 concepts for your main wedding invitation. Once we've agreed on which concept to take forward, I will develop it in full and you will have 3 rounds of revisions to finalize the details. 


From there we will move onto the collateral branding. This will be broken down into bite sized segments. Firstly I'll work on the business cards to develop the overall branding look and feel, patterns, colors, etc. Upon finalizing the overall look, I will then move onto the letterheads, envelopes, and the rest of the collateral design. If web design is also included, this part of the project will come in very last as we need established our branding strongly on print first, before moving onto web. I find this process makes for the strongest, cohesive brand both on screen and paper.

For wedding designs, once we've finalized the main invitation design, I will then move onto the additional cards- RSVP, directions, programs etc. Again we will work on a round revision basis where with each round I will get your feedback to help me get the design more in lined with your vision.


Voilà, you now have your very own branding. Before calling it a day, I'll require you to send over the final payment. Upon receiving the remaining due amount, your final logo files will be sent over, print sent to press and the website will go live!

Upon finalizing our final wedding designs, at this point I will require you to pay the remaining due amount along with the printing fees, once that's all cleared, your designs will be sent off to press! 


A few things to note:

A general time line for a branding project can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2+ months. For just the logo design alone it usually takes 2-3 weeks. For full branding projects including web design this can take anywhere from 1-2+ months. The more complex and intricate the collateral branding, the more time it will take for it to be developed. Not included within this timeline is printed deliverables. 

For wedding invitations, I suggest that we start working on the designs 6 month prior to your wedding date. The design process usually takes 3 weeks to 1.5+ months. This gives us enough time to have it designed, printed and mailed to you before you mail it out to your guest.