WEDDING Branding Questionnaire


I believe that what makes your wedding day stand out is not just about the way it looks, but more importantly about the lead up to the day and the story it tells. This is about the two of you, how you fell in love, why you want to make this commitment to each other, and who you want there with you to celebrate! It’s a day to remember and your invites are the very first hint of how the big day will unfold!

Below are a set of questions that will help me get a better idea about you and your vision for the big day. I will work closely with you to develop your wedding brand’s voice, and the goal of these questions is to make sure I take the time to truly learn about your vision, core values, visuals etc. This way, I can deliver a final product that you love that represents you two entirely! I know it's a bit of a lengthy process but every answers works towards helping me gain a better understanding of what you have in mind for the design.

Ready to get started? Turn off your phone/ distractions, grab a cuppa, and settle in as you answer the questions below. I can't wait to get to know you better, and could not be more excited that you've made the decision for us to work together on your new adventure!

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Digging Deep
When is your wedding day? *
When is your wedding day?
Let me know of any details you think would be helpful for me to understand the mood?
The Details
Eg. Casual, effortless, organic, elegant, uniformed, clean, minimal, etc.
Please link your Pinterest board or send it via email to ''.
2-3 colors max please.
What exactly needs to be designed? *
Digital printing, letterpress, foiling?
Typically wedding invitations range between $1500-2500 for a 3 piece wedding suite.
Instagram, Pinterest, word of mouth? It's always good to know!